Heather Atkinson

The story so far...

Requiem, the final book in the Dividing Line series will be released on Sunday 24th July 2022. This book will not be available for pre-order.

Mikey and Jules Maguire are living in semi-retirement after a lifetime of heartbreak and non-stop fighting, preparing to hand over full control of their criminal empire to their nephew, Ethan, and joint successor, Shane. Before they can retreat from the criminal underworld entirely, tragedy strikes the family, throwing all their plans into disarray. Katia and her twin sons Alex and Daniel have returned to Manchester to claim the vengeance they have thirsted after for decades, intent on eradicating the Maguires and Laws and seizing everything that belongs to them.

The family must unite for one last battle that will leave carnage in its wake and shake the city of Manchester to its very foundations.

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