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Gallowburn series #1

My first traditionally published book with Boldwood Books!

Gangs rule the streets of the rough Gallowburn Estate in Glasgow, but the deepest rivalry of all is between Jamie Gray and his friends, known as the Blood Brothers, and their enemies, the Lawsons.

The two gangs clash frequently, but when a phone containing incriminating evidence disappears after a particularly brutal run-in, the stakes are higher than ever.

Jamie’s mother Jackie is as hard as nails and is not going to let anyone hurt her boy – even if she has to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in. What she wants more than anything though, is to see Jamie turn his back on the street life. And when he meets spoilt rich-girl Allegra, who has a penchant for shoplifting, Jackie thinks she could be Jamie’s way out.

But with the Lawsons closing in, and everyone taking sides, there is only one way out for Jamie, and to triumph he must take out his biggest enemy…


When the Chambers brothers pull off what should be a simple robbery, they end up taking on more than they bargained for. Their target, unknown to them, works for Lenny Paisley, head of the strongest crew in Blackpool, a vicious drug dealer who wants them to pay for the insult doled out to him.

After the youngest brother is brutally beaten, the older brothers forced to watch, Rose, the Chambers matriarch reluctantly calls in her eldest daughter, Faith, to help dig her brothers out of the mess they've made. Ostracised from her home town for her role in a crime she didn't commit, Faith's homecoming isn't well received by the locals. She also becomes a target for a vindictive police officer and his team of corrupt colleagues who framed her eldest brother for a crime he is serving life for.

Determined to rid her home town of the pestilence that is Lenny Paisley once and for all, Faith and her brothers take on the worst elements of the criminal underworld, as well as those paid to uphold the law while making a mockery of it.

Meanwhile the skeletons that have been hiding for so long in the Chambers' family closet threaten to emerge and tear the family apart.

Contains strong language and scenes of violence.

Liar liar reap the fire.

The Chambers family are finally top dog in Blackpool, running drugs for the most powerful organised crime family in the north of England. However life is still far from easy. Vance, the eldest of the Chambers siblings, is still serving life in prison for a crime he didn't commit, set-up by a corrupt police officer who is determined to bring down the whole family. 

An already dangerous situation is complicated by the return of Harry Paisley, brother to Lenny, who Faith Chambers killed to protect her family. Harry is a dangerous man in his own right and is determined to discover his brother's fate.

With enemies closing in on all sides, Faith wonders if she can steer the family through these treacherous waters or is it time for their empire to fall? 

Blagger's Code series #3

Life for the Chambers family has never been better, ruling Blackpool in the north of England on behalf of the Maguires, the strongest organised crime family in the country.

Haunted by the time a corrupt police officer almost killed her, Faith Chambers finds herself increasingly drawn to commit darker deeds to keep her family safe and to try and exorcise the trauma.

When the Chambers family are robbed of an enormous amount of drugs, they immediately go on the hunt, determined to recover their product and wipe the perpetrators off the face of the earth. The identity of the thieves shocks them to the core and they have to find a new way to fight back, using their quick wits to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Faith finds herself facing the hardest of choices but when it's either fight or die, she will hit back every time.


Venom AKA Jules Parker - one of the top assassins in Manchester - is fighting to keep alive the one percent motorcycle club she belongs to. Jasper, one of the co-presidents and her long term boyfriend has made some bad business decisions and their club is suffering, his disturbed behaviour leading them all down a dark, twisted path.

When she’s given a contract by the most powerful gangland boss in the city to eliminate someone important to her, Venom is faced with a quandary - carry out the contract and keep her own life or refuse it and in turn, be killed. She is also hired to hunt down the killer of the daughter of a local underworld figure, all the while her long-term affair with her boyfriend’s best friend flourishing into something more.

Venom finds herself caught up in a deadly game played by the most dangerous people in the city and only her formidable skills can keep her alive.

Raven Series #1

Raven, loner and assassin-for-hire, finds her reputation tarnished when a rival steals her contracts out from under her. She goes on the hunt, attempting to track him down before he destroys her good name completely. The vultures of the criminal underworld are circling, waiting until she is at her weakest before finishing her off.

On top of that, she's being pursued not only by a gang of neo-Nazi meth dealers but a psychotic torturer, who is intent on claiming her magnificent raven feather tattoos as his prize.

Most troubling of all, Aidan, her adored husband, has been missing for almost a year. She has no idea whether he is alive or dead.

Uncertain who she can trust as the net closes in, Raven ends up in a desperate bid for survival and long-buried secrets threaten to blow her world apart.

Contains strong language and scenes of violence and sex.

Raven series #2

Bad things stalk the wanderer who's lost his way.

Raven's adopted father One Eye has disappeared while wandering through Scotland. She and her brother Damon hit the road, intent on tracking him down.

One Eye has been attacked by his nemesis, who he thought was dead. Forced to hide out in a small village on the Isle of Skye and unable to escape thanks to an injured ankle, he fakes amnesia to avoid the police's awkward questions. When one of the locals is murdered he becomes prime suspect. In order to clear his name, One Eye needs to track down the real killer. He just hopes he can stay alive long enough to find them. For protection, he calls in a couple of friends who owe him but will their presence only make a dangerous situation even more deadly?

Dividing Line Series #1

When Rachel marries Danny Maguire, younger son of the most powerful criminal family in Manchester she thinks she can cope with his way of life. After all, he's the legitimate face of the family, isn't he?

However, when war breaks out between the Maguires and their deadly rivals, the Law family, Rachel is dragged into the criminal underworld and she must turn her back on her old way of life and embrace this new, dangerous one if she is to survive. 

The Maguires also find themselves the target of The Coalition, a shadowy group made up of the city's premiere citizens who are tired of the Maguires' rule and will stop at nothing to see them fall. The Coalition's interference stirs up suspicion and paranoia within the family and Rachel is no longer sure who she can trust. When sides are taken, she finds herself facing off against those closest to her and who are also the most formidable criminals in the city. 

As the war increases in ferocity, Rachel discovers another woman inside herself, a strong, ruthless one who will stop at nothing to root out the traitors in the family's ranks and protect those she loves.

Contains strong language, sex and violence.

Dividing Line Series #2

Rachel Maguire finally has it all. Matriarch of the powerful Maguire family, whose name is feared and revered throughout the city of Manchester, she is wealthy, contented and more in love than ever with her husband Danny. Working in conjunction with their one time arch enemies, the Law Family, life for the Maguires has never been more peaceful.

However that peace is about to be shattered in the most brutal way possible and Rachel finds herself hunting a faceless enemy, one that will stop at nothing to see her family fall.


 Dividing Line Series #3

 Life for Rachel and her husband Ryan is very good indeed. Loving parents to three children, together they run their business empire while keeping on the straight and narrow, their criminal pasts firmly behind them.

Their idyll is disturbed by a rival family intent on making their mark on Manchester. Jan Jordan, the hard faced matriarch of this rogue family, is fixated with Rachel. The Maguires are still top dog in the city and Jan is convinced Rachel is still a power to be reckoned with. The interlopers threaten to drag her and Ryan back into the life they've managed to avoid for so long and they are forced to resort to desperate measures to stay alive.

However there is also a hidden danger. Someone close to Rachel is working against her, the revelation of a long-buried secret turning love into a corrosive hate, affecting the whole family and they will go to any lengths to destroy her perfect life.

Dividing Line Series #4

 Life is good in Devon for Rachel and Ryan Law until a tragic loss brings them back to Manchester. Their return sends the volatile Alex Maguire over the edge and his behaviour becomes increasingly unhinged as he turns on those closest to him. 

In desperation, Mikey and Jez commit an act that causes the situation to explode and Alex sets his sights set on the person he considers responsible for every ill that has ever befallen him. Rachel Law.

When he realises his family are in danger, Ryan throws off his law-abiding persona and becomes the man he used to be in order to aggressively defend them. When Rachel disappears battle lines are drawn, allies becoming enemies as members of the Maguire and Law families pick sides to help find Rachel and topple a king.

Dividing Line Series #5

A secret war is being fought in Manchester. A family, once close allies, is torn apart as the head of the family turns on his own.

Rachel Law is recovering in hospital after a savage assault and her husband Ryan burns with the need to avenge her. 

Alex Maguire plots the destruction of his enemies from his hospital bed, doing all in his power to slip them up.

As Alex and Rachel recuperate, the two opposing factions form new alliances and attack one another with renewed ferocity and cunning, fighting for the highest stakes imaginable.

Events culminate in a showdown that will shatter the family forever.

 Dividing Line Series #6

Ryan and Rachel Law are still trying to catch their breath after the last war in Manchester that has left its scars, both inside and out. But a return to normality is denied by those they hurt and whose lives they ruined in defence of their own.

When Ryan's two half-sisters turn up like bad pennies - Lexie with a dark secret and Jules with vengeance on her mind - their hopes for a peaceful interlude are dashed. Katia is also making her presence felt, violently grieving for Alex Maguire, murdered by the Laws, clinging onto her sanity with the arrival of her twin baby boys - Alex and Daniel. 

Ryan and Rachel are about to discover that the female of the species is indeed more deadly than the male.

Dividing Line Series #7

Ryan and Rachel’s dreams of finally moving back into their family home in Devon after it was devastated by fire are doused by the discovery of a body buried on their land.

Ryan, as ever highly dubious of the abilities of the police, decides to look into the matter personally, with the help of the ever-loyal Battler and Bruiser. Their investigation uncovers some deep, dark secrets their new neighbours would prefer remained hidden. The closer he gets to discovering the truth leads to grave danger for one member of the family.

In Manchester Jules is protecting a dark secret of her own that, if discovered, could end her plans to become a firm member of the Maguire clan. Mikey and Jez are working on consolidating the security of their families and businesses by forming a ring of steel around them that neither the police nor their enemies will be able to penetrate. However, before their plans can come to fruition, Katia plots to get the revenge she so craves for the death of Alex Maguire, her lover and father of her twin boys. She persuades her new benefactor and king of Essex, Jared Slattery, to annihilate her enemies once and for all. At the top of her hit list are Ryan and Rachel Law.

Dividing Line Series #8

The Maguires' enemies are sensing weakness. Now Mikey and Jez are in charge every chancer in Manchester is trying their luck in the hope of wrenching their empire from them. But it is Jared Slattery, a rival from down south, who poses the biggest threat. His actions will destroy an integral part of the Maguire empire, throwing the future of the entire family into the balance and Rachel and Ryan will be forced to fight again.

Dividing Line Series #9

The quiet life Rachel and Ryan Law so crave in Devon is still eluding them. As well as a shock attack they also have to contend with a surprise visitor. On top of all that they're also trying to quietly sort out any problems the local residents come to them with, problems that can't be solved by the police and require their own special brand of brutal justice. Meanwhile one of their enemies is working in the background in an attempt to bring them down once and for all.

Neither is life any more peaceful for Mikey and Jez, who are still recovering from the recent war with Jared Slattery. When they are approached for help by Toni McVay they find themselves caught up in another war, this time in Glasgow. This brings them into contact with Brodie MacBride, a private investigator whose language is as colourful as his personality.

Jules is also struggling with a secret of her own, one that turns her life on its head and could potentially expose the entire family to danger.

Dividing Line Series #10

For the first time in his life, Ryan Law is afraid. His adored wife Rachel is giving him the cold-shoulder and he has no idea why, making him fear that his marriage may be over. On top of that the local police are aware of the fact that he and Rachel - along with their old friends Battler and Bruiser - are the local vigilantes responsible for punishing those who terrorise their neighbourhood and they are starting to feel the pressure.

Life in Manchester is as hectic as ever for the Laws and Maguires. Family tensions are rising and grudges being formed. However Jules, for the first time in her traumatic life, is blissfully happy with her husband Jackson and her daughter Cara. Yet a shadow looms on the horizon in the form of Jared Slattery - Cara's biological father and an enemy of the Laws and Maguires. He's decided it's time his little girl came home to daddy and he's going to leave carnage in his wake.

Dividing Line Series #11

The Maguire-Law family is still in mourning. Jules Driscoll, an integral part of their criminal empire, survived the attack on her by the ferocious Slattery clan, however she remains locked in a coma with no sign of waking up. Despite the retribution the Maguires and Laws took on the Slatterys for this atrocity, their leader Jared still lives, his shadow hanging over them like an ever-present threat.

Adding to the pressure, their deadliest rivals, led by Katia and her increasingly dominant crew, are restless, unsatisfied by how far they've come in such a short space of time. They want more, especially the Maguire-Law empire.

Meanwhile in Devon, Rachel and Ryan Law's daughter Leah has got herself in a mess. Possessed by the desire to be just like her parents, she's set up her own vigilante gang with her older and dangerous boyfriend, Reid. However Reid has crossed a line and killed two people. With Reid growing increasingly unstable, Leah finds herself trapped in a volatile situation and can see no way out.

Back in Manchester, another and unexpected threat arises in the form of a traitor in their own family whose actions threaten to topple their reign once and for all.

Dividing Line series #12

The Maguire-Law family are preparing for a big celebration - Mikey and Jules are finally getting hitched. It's been a while since they last had a big family get-together and after recent turbulent, bloody events they're all looking forward to it.

However their enemies are plotting in the shadows, determined to use their happiness to destroy every single last one of them in an attempt to seize their empire.

The carnage that ensues will change the family forever.


The dead won't stay buried.

When an armed robber is extradited from Spain back to the UK to face trial, he knows the police have bigger fish to fry. So he does something no one has ever had the nerve to do before - he agrees to give evidence against Mikey Maguire and Jez Law, the kings of not only Manchester but the entire north of England with regards to a murder he committed on their behalf. At the same time Estelle Law's mangled corpse is discovered and all the evidence points to her youngest son, Jez, as the culprit.

With murder charges hanging over their heads and an obsessed police officer determined to see them sent down, the two men are remanded into prison, leaving Jules and Ryan holding the fort in Manchester, fending off their rivals who, sensing weakness, start to attack.

Rachel remains behind in Devon when her eldest son ends up in trouble. The pressure is only piled on when she realises she has a stalker.

As the family fights for survival one member is driven to commit an unthinkable act...

Two years of peace in Manchester is about to be violently shattered. The Maguire-Law family is still top dog, holding sway over the entire north of England. When a gang of ex-soldiers starts attacking their businesses and murdering people under their protection, their ferocious reputation is torn to shreds, leaving them vulnerable to attack from their many rivals.

The family becomes locked in a battle against an enemy the likes of which they’ve never seen before. This enemy doesn’t want money or power. They’re on a mission to clean-up the city, starting with them. Like all zealots they won’t stop until all their targets are dead.

The Maguires and Laws have to face the fact that this could be one war they can’t possibly win.The Maguires and Laws have to face the fact that this could be one war they can’t possibly win.

Dividing Line Origins is an anthology of nine short stories about the main characters from the Dividing Line books. Every story is set pre-Dividing Line and describes what incidents in their lives moulded them into the people they became. The nine stories cover:

Ryan, Rachel, Mikey, Jules, Frankie McVay, Riley, Battler and Bruiser, Estelle Law and Frank and Martina Maguire.

First book in the Breaking Away Series.

Laura Harrison is terrified. Her boyfriend Darryl is becoming more and more unstable and she's bearing the brunt of his aggression. Haunted by the horrors she suffered as a teenager at the hands of her stepfather and stepbrother, she recognises the danger she's in and knows she has to get away. Unfortunately she leaves it too late and Darryl viciously attacks her. 

Zak Banks, Darryl's best friend and officer in the Manchester police force takes her under his wing, having secretly loved her for years. As their relationship develops things get even worse for Laura when the stalking starts and she is attacked. But who can she trust? When Zak's colleagues begin to suspect that he is behind the attacks on her, Laura is plunged into a nightmare that will force her to confront the many demons of her past.

Contains sex, strong language, violence and scenes of domestic abuse.

Second book in the Breaking Away Series.

A series of brutal murders in Manchester lead DS Zak Banks to conclude that a copycat is loose in the city, mimicking the crimes of one of Britain's most notorious serial killers, Joseph Michael Lee.

Anna Marshall, daughter of Joseph Michael Lee, has done her best to keep her heritage a secret but the past catches up with her when the police ask her to visit her dad in prison. They suspect he knows who is behind the copycat murders but he will only talk to his daughter. Anna is horrified at the prospect of confronting the man who tried to make her his last victim because she is the only one who faced the dead eyed monster inside him and survived.

Anna finds herself dragged into a cat and mouse game with her manipulative father who has a hidden agenda, one that revolves around his beloved daughter. Her efforts to help the police take Anna straight back into the hell she never thought she'd have to face again, one that will prove once and for all whether her dad is just plain evil or if there is something rotten in the blood.

The third and final book in the Breaking Away Series.

Jared Shaw has an obsession with serial killers so Laura Banks and Anna Marshall, both survivors of two of the country's most infamous serial murderers, fascinate him completely. He stalks them, studying their lives from afar until one day Anna goes missing.

While DS Zak Banks and his colleagues frantically search for her, Zak's worst fear is realised when Laura too is abducted. Their search for Laura and Anna leads them all to a final confrontation with the horrors of the past, as all the protagonists are moved into place by an unseen hand, a confrontation that will end the game once and for all.

Contains scenes of violence, abduction and captivity.

Breaking Away Series #4 - Prequel

Cold To The Core is the life and crimes of Joseph Michael Lee, the Dead Eyed Dad from the Breaking Away Series.

Joseph Lee is leading two lives. On the one hand he's a hard-working taxi driver and family man, his daughter Anna the light of his life. On the other he's a sadistic serial killer who has already claimed four victims.

But then someone comes into his life who fills the aching void inside him that can only be sated by murder. Determined to start a new life, he attempts to mend his ways. However his fight is a difficult one for his darker self is strong and pitiless, demanding satisfaction. On top of that, his wife Barbara is a devious, malicious woman who only brings out the worst in Joseph and conspires to put an end to all his good intentions. 

With the formidable Detective Inspector Mortimer on his trail, can Joseph free himself from the purgatory he finds himself in, or is there no hope for a man with a demon for a soul?

Note from the author: I recommend this book is read after the first three in the series - Breaking Away, Dead Eyed Dad and End Game - so it can be fully appreciated. Thank you.

Unfinished Business Series #1

Mark Creegan has it all - wealth, a successful business and a beautiful wife and children. However his idyll is being ruined by an ominous blue car. He sees it everywhere and fears his very dark past is about to catch up with him after years of running.

His stalker turns out to be Brodie MacBride, ex-policeman turned private investigator from Glasgow whose business is unfinished business. Mark’s worst fear is realised when Brodie tells him he thinks he is unfinished business. 

The fortunes of the Creegan family are tied up with The Carver, a serial killer operating in Manchester who is escalating in scale and savagery. As Brodie forcibly drags the Creegan skeletons out of the closet - using less than legal methods - the net closes in on The Carver, leading to a deadly confrontation that will leave an entire family devastated. 

Unfinished Business Series #2

Private investigator and ex-policeman Brodie Macbride's business is unfinished business, getting justice for those denied it legally.

Homeless people are disappearing in Glasgow. When one homeless man just prior to his disappearance tells Brodie that the devil wants his face his suspicions immediately land on Lucas Thorne, an artist who is in the city with his Face in the Frame exhibition, displaying frighteningly realistic faces he claims to have sculpted himself.

Brodie sends in Cass, his second-in-command and long time secret crush to scope Lucas out. However, to Brodie's chagrin, she falls for the charming artist and the two begin a relationship. Brodie becomes more frustrated when homeless people continue to disappear and no one will believe his wild theory.

Brodie also has to contend with trouble in the form of the McVays, the most powerful criminal family in Glasgow. They're about to go to war with a renegade section of the family and Toni, the great McVay matriarch, insists on dragging him into the fight.

While fending off unwanted attentions from a group of psychotic gangsters, Brodie goes on a one-man crusade to reveal the truth about Lucas Thorne, a truth that could potentially put his beloved Cass in great danger.

Unfinished Business Series #3

Brodie MacBride is a Glaswegian private investigator whose business is unfinished business, walking the narrow line between legal and downright illegal, getting justice for those denied it by legitimate means.

Brodie is feeling the pressure. Not only is Toni McVay - head of the most powerful criminal family in Scotland - insisting on dragging him into a gang war but the goddaughter of his best friend, DI Pete McLaren, has gone missing and Brodie is going all-out to find her. On top of all that his second-in-command and long-term secret crush Cass is still recovering from her last boyfriend assaulting her and trying to cut off her face.In between dealing with gangsters constantly invading his space, the desperate hunt for a missing woman and trying to keep his team together, Brodie has to contend with his very own stalker. Who would have thought being a vigilante ex-police private investigator would be so complicated?

Unfinished Business #4

Private investigator Brodie MacBride leaves his comfortable office in Glasgow to go on the hunt. John Lyons - his ex-business partner and the man who almost killed him - has been spotted in the Lake District and Brodie is determined to get the revenge he's dreamed of for years.

Brodie's second-in-command and long-term secret crush, Cass Carlisle, accompanies him in the search. However John Lyons proves to be more resourceful than Brodie had assumed he would be after spending years on the run not only from Brodie himself but from the Glasgow police and the infamous McVay clan. After fending off repeated abduction attempts and attacks not only from Lyons himself but other underworld figures, Brodie fears he's made a massive error of judgement, especially when his beloved Cass is put in danger. 

However this only makes Brodie even more determined to get his pound of flesh from the one person in the world to ever get the better of him.


Unfinished Business #5

Brodie MacBride and his private investigative team are feeling the pressure. Seth and Sarah Creegan, serial killers they were responsible for putting behind bars, are using their considerable wealth to manipulate those on the outside, determined to exact brutal revenge. 

Brodie and his second-in-command, Cass, are enjoying the new romantic depth to their relationship, which they're forced to keep secret so their enemies won't use it against them. Cass's obsessive ex-boyfriend, in prison for attacking her and attempting to cut off her face, is due for early parole. They fear news of their relationship will send him into another psychotic rage.

Their enemies are gathering in the shadows, weaving a dark web around them and they've no idea from which direction the danger will come next as they struggle to fend off the repeated attacks. In order to survive, Brodie must join forces with some of the most dangerous people in the country. For the first time, he finds that he is unfinished business.


Unfinished Business #6

Life has finally settled down into a comfortable rhythm for Brodie MacBride. He’s living with Cass Carlisle, his second-in-command and love of his life and business is booming. That is, until a woman named Susan Silvers walks into his office and turns everything upside down. Mrs Silvers hires Brodie to track down her son, who has been sucked into Higher Light, an apocalyptic cult gaining a stranglehold on Glasgow with frightening speed. Brodie faces off against Malachi, Higher Light’s charismatic and compelling leader, who proves to be his toughest opponent yet and Brodie finds himself locked in a battle for the city’s very soul.

Unfinished Business #7

It's the wedding of the year and Brodie MacBride is finally marrying Cass Carlisle, the woman of his dreams and his second-in command. After negotiating a wedding consisting of punch-ups, a drama queen of a sister and bizarre vibrating gifts, the happy couple leave Glasgow and head down south to Lancashire to break the news of their marriage to Cass's estranged family.

They discover the village in which she was born and raised is being terrorised by the local bully and the man who tried to rape Cass when she was a teenager.

As Brodie and Cass attempt to free the village from its tormentor, secrets from her past start to tumble out, secrets her own family have gone to a lot of trouble to suppress.


Alardyce trilogy #1

Edinburgh 1880. When Amy Osbourne’s parents die in an accident she’s forced to leave her London home and is sent to live with her aunt and uncle at the opposite end of the country. Alardyce House is cold and dreary, her aunt haughty and cruel. Amy strikes up a friendship with her cousin Edward, but his brother Henry is just as conceited as his mother and a mutual loathing develops between him and Amy.

As she struggles in this strange, unwelcoming environment, Amy begins to realise that something isn’t right at Alardyce House. Local women are brutally attacked and Henry is the prime suspect but, as he belongs to a powerful family, nothing is done to stop him. 

Lost in this house of shadows and struggling with her grief, Amy embarks on an affair with Matthew, a servant. When the affair is discovered Matthew is dismissed and Amy’s formidable aunt compels her to marry Henry to save her from shame, although her ulterior motive is the large fortune that comes with her hand. 

Mortified at the prospect of spending her life with a monster, Amy flees to London carrying an illegitimate child. But this is only the start of her troubles, which will lead her to pain and cruelties that will leave her life hanging in the balance.

Alardyce trilogy #2

Edinburgh 1896

Amy Alardyce's once-perfect life is in tatters. Her eldest son, Robert, has come of age and with it has come a violent desire to hurt and cause pain. After his attack upon one of the maids, his true character is revealed to her in horrifying clarity, yet a mother's love is a powerful thing. 

As Robert continues to descend into the darkness that claimed his now-deceased biological father, Matthew, Amy fights to save his very soul. The increasing distance between Robert and his stepfather Henry threatens the peace of her loving marriage and Amy has to face a stark choice - denounce her son as the monster he is or protect him from the consequences of his lethal actions. 

However Amy too has a secret, one she prays Robert never finds out, fearing it might turn his deadly urges on her.

Alardyce trilogy #3

Edinburgh 1897.

Robert Alardyce is now master of his own home with a wife and a fortune at his fingertips, however this isn't enough to satisfy his dark urges and his attacks on the women in the city continue.

But Robert's success in business brings him enemies who he determines to destroy. While his mother Amy and stepfather Henry continue their struggle to save his soul from the darkness wanting to claim his heart, Robert plummets depths he's never reached before in his fight to overcome the stigma of being the illegitimate son of a servant. His determination to show the entire city that he is a man to be respected and feared may well destroy not only himself but everyone he loves.


Blair Dubh Trilogy #1

The residents of an isolated Scottish village are horrified when one of their own is found drowned, the evidence indicating murder. When another woman is burned to death police suspect there’s a killer on the loose mimicking an old series of murders, using the elements to lethal effect. 

Freya Macalister knows her return to the village has sparked off another murder spree, linked to a tragedy from her childhood and she fears she is in the killer's sights. Tensions rise even further when a storm cuts off the village from civilisation, leaving the residents trapped with a murderer.

Freya's old friend and local police sergeant, Craig Donaldson, knows the key to discovering the killer’s identity lies in the locals’ deceptions and half-truths and he must wade through their dangerously complex relationships to discover which mask the monster hides behind.

Blair Dubh Trilogy #2

While Glasgow is in the grip of a relentless heatwave a riot breaks out in its toughest prison. Amid the chaos and carnage John Docherty, one of the most violent and reviled prisoners, manages to escape. After years of dreaming up the worst tortures his twisted mind can concoct he is now free to carry them out on the people he holds responsible for destroying his life. At the top of that list is Freya Donaldson.

Craig and Freya have been happily married for two years, the trauma of The Elemental murders firmly behind them in the wake of their new life together. Between the devastating news that they may never have their longed-for baby and the ceaseless harassment from Craig's insane ex-girlfriend, they decide to take a cruise down the west coast of Scotland to get away from it all for a while.

Unforeseen circumstances force them to stop at Blair Dubh, the village where they both grew up and the scene of The Elemental murders. Unknown to them they are being stalked through the village, those with malevolent intentions determined to destroy their idyllic new life. 

When first their boat then the graves of Freya's parents are vandalised they realise someone wants to hurt them. As the attacks on her increase in ferocity, Freya fears this time she won't be so lucky and she'll end up in the Blair Dubh graveyard, the scene of so many of her nightmares, buried alongside the victims of the two killers she managed to escape. Evil has returned to Blair Dubh and it's determined to consume her.

Blair Dubh Trilogy #3

The day of reckoning for the small village of Blair Dubh on the west coast of Scotland has arrived. When two residents are murdered in their own home and a third commits suicide, the villagers think the latest tragedy to hit the village is over. However it is only just beginning. A sniper stalks the village, picking the residents off one by one.

Craig Donaldson finds himself trapped in Blair Dubh once again, hunting down a murderer. At least his wife Freya and their young son are safe back in Glasgow, out of the danger zone.

However, when Freya hears the news she insists on guiding help into the village using her intimate knowledge of the area.

Freya’s return finally draws out the secret of Blair Dubh, a secret so terrible it threatens to steal not only her life but her sanity too and destroy everything she believes in.

The Stoneriver Chronicles Book 1

Thorn Sigwulf of Grimwulf suddenly finds himself king after the slaughter of his father on the battlefield. Hell bent on revenge on the new queen of Hollowspire, Queen Ravenswell, the two begin an even more bitter feud, which is interrupted by the arrival of The Nameless - a shadowy, masked army of unknown origins who have brought about the fall of all other realms and are now intent on enslaving their own.

These two enemies are forced to unite in the face of a stronger, deadlier foe. The Nameless - led by an elusive figure known only as The Leader - carry a dark magic, part of their army made up of ephemera, creatures dreamed into life by The Leader's twisted imagination.

Queen Ravenswell, who carries dragon blood in her veins and with a powerful magic all her own is the greatest hope the new allied army have of defeating The Nameless.

But will it be enough to save her realm from forever being overcome by darkness?

Shannon Buckley is alone in the world after the tragic deaths of her parents. When the reclusive and handsome author Ash Winters moves into the village of Upper Device in Lancashire he offends not only Shannon but most of the village with his bad temper and surly ways. However, slowly the two start to become friends and she discovers there is so much more to the man than she first thought, his temper explained by a debilitating medical condition. 

The two start to fall in love. However happiness brings with it a terrible danger that threatens to tear them apart forever. Someone in the village is determined to see Shannon dead. The picturesque village she's lived in her entire life suddenly becomes a threatening place, hiding a faceless enemy. Can they find her tormentor before one of their attempts on her life is successful?

Grace Ashton’s life is miserable. Bullied at school, abused and neglected by her drunken father and stepmother, she finds herself constantly shunned and friendless. The only place she can escape the drudgery and despair of her life is the glade - a secret, otherwordly place in the woods. 

Her awful life is turned upside down when she encounters a mysterious man called Michael in her glade, a man who doesn’t seem to be of this world with his silver-blue eyes. His haunting presence makes her see everything in a whole new magical light, awakening her to the wonder all around her. This new power brings incredible new abilities she never dreamed she was capable of. However it also brings a dark side that will make her the target of negative entities and tormentors intent on separating her from living the life she has always dreamed of - and even separating her from life itself.

The city is in the fever grip of mesmerism, an intensified form of hypnosis and Edward Charteris, master mesmerist is at the top of his game. Cold and ruthless, the almost God-like power he has over his subjects appeals to his huge ego and it becomes his addiction, along with opium.

When a rival mesmerist steals Edward's limelight his response is brutal and cruel, using all of his considerable gifts to tear apart everyone who stands in the way of his ambition, including his own wife.

Paige Slater has finally put herself back together after suffering a nervous breakdown following the worst experience of her life, which ended in the death of someone she loved. She has a good job, a nice little cottage and has started dating again. 

However, when she starts to experience disturbing dreams involving Glenn Corrigan, her best friend’s husband, she fears she’s suffering a relapse. Glenn is a local celebrity, the charismatic heart surgeon but in her dreams he’s terrifying.

When one of her friends dies at the hands of a serial killer operating in the area, the dreams intensify to the point where Paige finds it difficult to discern fantasy from reality. Is her worst fear being realised and she’s experiencing another breakdown, or is there a more sinister reason behind these frightening nightmares?

When Jennifer's grandmother, Isobel, retreats in on herself, listening to the same old song over and over again, little does Jennifer realise that she is about to discover the remarkable life she never knew her gran had lived.

Isobel married Harry and had his child. However, shortly into the marriage she discovered that Peter, her true love who she believed had died fighting in the second world war, hadn't been killed at all but merely captured. His miraculous return after the war changed Isobel's life forever, filling it with incredible highs and devastating lows.

As Isobel's story unfolds in her journal, for the first time in her life Jennifer really sees the woman that her sweet grey haired grandmother used to be; the renowned beauty who suffered at the hands of her brutal husband, who had wild affairs and fought to get the law changed to better protect women. Jennifer also discovers the secret that lies at the heart of that haunting song, making her hope that she can give her grandmother the happy ending she deserves. 

This is a family saga with a difference, showing how there is so much more to a person than is visible on the surface. After all, do we really see anyone?

This book contains scenes of explicit sex and domestic violence.

Devon 1927. When Michael Palmer arrives in Torquay and meets the notorious Madeline Frost, little does he realise his life is about to change forever. Recently widowed and a member of the infamous Bright Young People set, she is beautiful, elegant and very dangerous. Madeline's family are associated with blackmail, savage violence when crossed and sexual promiscuity. Of the worst reputation, she is shunned by all the guests except Michael, who is fascinated by her. As she leads him on a strange sexual adventure, he realises Madeline is hiding a secret. Her behaviour becomes more erratic, culminating in a clifftop confrontation as Michael's goodness starts to overcome the darkness in her soul. For the first time in her wicked life, Madeline falls in love.

When Madeline's family learn that she has betrayed them for Michael, she flees in order to protect him. Michael starts a frantic search, hoping to find her before her psychotic brother tracks her down because traitors in the family are always punished and they never intend to let her go again.

Celeste Amberly loves Sonas Estate, the grand family home in the Scottish Highlands. However it is a strange, almost mystical place where the dead never seem far away. She is haunted by the mysterious death of her Aunt Vivienne, whose body she found floating in the river that runs through the estate when she was six years old. Her death was never satisfactorily explained and Celeste is sure she herself holds the key. Who and what did she see behind that closed door on that fateful day, the one her mind refuses to allow her to open?

As she grows into womanhood, Celeste falls in love with her childhood friend and second cousin, David. However before they can marry her father's horrible untimely death divides them. 

Grieving and lonely, Celeste turns to writing, her secret passion, for solace and produces a book that is an instant success but she must keep her triumph a secret. Her guardian and father's best friend, Grayson Waters, is a sly, seductive man she doesn't trust an inch who tries to lead her down a very dark path. When she refuses to put herself in his power he shows his true colours, displaying the evil that she realises exists beneath the charming exterior. Does he know more about Vivienne's death than he's so far admitted?

When Celeste discovers Vivienne's journals hidden in the attic of her home, she is shown how to free herself from Grayson. One by one all the family secrets come tumbling out and with them the answer to the riddle of who killed Vivienne, a revelation that threatens to tear her family apart forever. 

Contains sexually explicit scenes.

First book in the two-part Dark Fate series.

A near-fatal accident occurring simultaneously to two strangers three thousand miles apart ignites a chain of events that rips through the very fabric of time itself.

Beth Moorhouse flatlines after a devastating car crash in the north of England. In Afghanistan, Liam MacIntyre is almost killed when his army truck hits a landmine, the blast stopping his heart. Both are brought back after crossing over.

Recovering from debilitating injuries, lost in fevers and delirium, they experience vivid dreams that bleed through into their reality, making them yearn for a past lost to them - and for each other.

From the Glencoe massacre in the Highlands of Scotland through eighteenth century Venice and finally to France in World War One, Bleed Through is a tale of love enduring centuries, sweeping through some of the most memorable events in European history, as well as the age old battle between good and evil.

The Maskery series #1

Marianne Lockwood, daughter of one of the most powerful lords in the north of Georgian England is shunned and reviled in her village as a madwoman and a witch, for she can see and communicate with spirits. 

Tormented by her abusive father and abandoned by the man she loves, Marianne flees to London with no money and no friends. Through the kindness of a stranger she meets the rich and powerful Lord Maskery whom she marries. However she soon discovers that her husband has secrets of his own. With a mysterious set of rooms carved into the belly of his grand country house, which play host to the covert Dashwood Club Marianne discovers her husband has a dark violent past and finds herself dragged into his shadowy world where her life is endangered.

After Lord Maskery’s death she returns to Lockwood Hall, her childhood home. However she soon discovers that her now-deceased father is still in residence at the Hall, his twisted deformed spirit more malevolent than he ever was in life.

However he is not the only shade from her past to confront her for she encounters her lost childhood love at a masked ball. Then she is plunged into a nightmare web of old enemies, apparitions and the criminal underworld from which only her unique ability can save her.

Half Life - Thomas Galbraith built, lived in and died in Briar House. For a hundred and thirty one years he has roamed its halls, frightening off any subsequent tenants. Then one day Kate arrives, angry and hurting after a horrible break-up with her ex. Despite Thomas' best efforts she refuses to leave. A feud develops between the two but Kate's fearsome temperament makes Thomas realise he's finally met his match.

The Dinner Party - one unhinged host and seven nervous guests.

Snow Dance - A Christmas tale of love overcoming even death itself.

Mercy - Mercy's boyfriend attacks her and she almost kills him in self-defence. But is she as innocent as she seems?

Red Roses - A simple bunch of roses sparks off a nightmare for a husband and his wife.

The Masquerade Ball - Shannon gets taken back in time, literally, when she hosts a Georgian ball.

Autumn Leaves - a story demonstrating how our truest loves never actually leave us.

Includes an exert from the crime thriller, Breaking Away.

 A-List Series #1

Eva Gallo is a renowned A-list actress, her beauty and talent famed throughout the world. However she carries a dark secret. She is a powerful vampire, turned against her will. 

When her husband is murdered by Alex, her psychotic maker, she tracks him down to LA intent on revenge. He proves elusive and as her search for him continues she finds herself hunted by the Hoplites, vampire slayers descended from the Ancient Spartans themselves, they use their ancestor's formidable weapons and tactics to lethal effect.

She negotiates a deal with the Hoplites, promising she will willingly hand herself over to them if they help her eliminate Alex. With their assistance she tracks him through the best known landmarks of Hollywood, which masquerade as vampire havens. 

Along the way she falls in love with one of the slayers, fighting against the guilt of what she feels is a betrayal of her dead husband, as well as the knowledge that her lover will be the one who will execute her.

Together they face all manner of vampire from the basest mindless creature to the sophisticated vampire, many of whom masquerade as famous actors, actresses, singers, the cream of Hollywood.

The A-List is a satire of celebrity and a love story between two people who are worlds apart. 

A-List series #2

Eva Gallo returns to Los Angeles to fight amongst the ranks of the hoplites, a vampire who slays her own kind. Although she is elated to finally be a part of something, her happiness is marred by the fact that Patrick, the love of her life and hoplite captain is engaged to another, on the orders of Georgia, the hoplite queen. Eva and Patrick fight against their feelings for each other but ultimately succumb and rekindle the flame of their passion.

When Patrick suddenly and cruelly breaks off their affair in favour of his fiance, Eva sinks into despair. Consolation comes in the form of Jace Hamilton, a fellow A-Lister whom she once saved from a vampire attack. When the hoplites raid a vampire brothel Eva stumbles across him lost, confused and with no memory of how he was turned. With Eva's guidance Jace embraces his new vampiric powers.

As Eva suffers beneath Patrick's contempt and the guilt at the lives she has taken, she allows Jace to lead her down a dark path, her compassion and humanity disappearing inside the monster.

Will Eva overcome her demons and regain the love of her life, or will she allow the shadows to overwhelm her and finally give in to her evil impulses?


 A-List Series #3

Eva Gallo is on the run, declared a rogue by the Queen of the Agoge. Friendless and alone, she finds herself hunted by every hoplite whose territory she passes through. Her only chance is to reach the King in Russia to plead her case.

Her perilous situation is compounded by Rhesus, the most ancient of all vampires whose ever-present shadow only adds to her fear.

With the help of the King she returns to Los Angeles and meets up with the rest of her phalanx, who have rebelled against the tyrant Queen. They sneak into the Agoge to rescue Patrick and Eva is stunned to discover he's been bitten by a vampire, used as bait by the Queen to lure her back.

The rebels flee to the wilds of Montana, where Patrick's condition steadily deteriorates. Eva has to watch helplessly as the man she loves turns into one of the monsters he has spent his entire life hunting down.

A showdown ensues between those loyal to the Queen and the rebels, one that will reveal the secrets of Eva's past and test the hoplites loyalties to their limits.

But no one can stop the war that everyone has feared for so long, the final battle between vampires and hoplites led by Rhesus himself that puts Eva and everyone she loves in grave danger.

A-List Series #4

Eva Morgan has never known such happiness. Married to the love of her life with a baby on the way, she is surrounded by friends and family.

However, when entire covens of vampires are torn apart around the world she faces her deadliest enemy yet, one that is blazing a path right to her door, putting her entire world and all those she loves in danger. 

Only by allying with her nemesis, Rhesus Kosko, can she overcome this new foe. But it means abandoning everything she holds dear and embracing her dark side. Will this unholy alliance mean she finally becomes the evil creature she has for so long feared, or will she find a way back to light and love?